The SCANIR instrument uses Long Wave Infra Red radiation (LWIR) in order to obtain thermal images of the sky. The system operates at day and night and their images are immune to haze. Its design allows to scan all the sky, giving a coverage of 360/210 degrees, this is very useful to detect and track clouds also in the horizon without distortion and at full resolution. When detecting clouds, as it uses thermal data instead of normal cameras, the software is able to make a segmentation of the clouds based in their temperature, which correlates with their altitude.






















Sensor Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Image resolution Original: 1280*348 px (non interpolated)
Spectral range Longwave infrared, 8 μm to 14 μm
Pixel size 12 μm
FOV – horizontal 360°
FOV – vertical 210°
Measurement rate Max rate: 1 picture / 30 sec
Thermal range                                              -20°C to 60°C (**)
Thermal sensivity <50mK
Image optimization and correction Factory configured and fully automated
Data output Original rectangular: 1280*348 px (non interpolated)

Radial: 696*696 px (non interpolated)

Mollweide: 1280*348 px (non interpolated)

% of cloudiness

Temperature of the base of the clouds

Cloud segmentation

Internal temperature, Internal humidity

Sun and Moon position data

Software Capture, Processing, Image preview, Data graphs

Database, Export data, FTP backup, VPN access

Communications Gigabit PoE LAN
Power supply Input: 90 – 240V (***)

Output: 15V, 25W PoE passive

Protection level >IP67
Window Top: 75mm diameter Ge (DLC/AR coatings), 4mm thickness

Sides: 25mm diameter Ge (DLC/AR), 3mm thickness

Case Top: anodized aluminium

Body: power coated aluminium

Internal extra heater 10W (optional)
Operating temperature -40° to 55° (with internal extra heating)
Blower Optional
Dimensions 210 mm height , 180 mm diameter
Weight 5 kgs (SCANIR), 10.5kgs (total system packed)

(*) Other on demand

(**) with the use of the Sun blocking add-on

(***) Can be powered with solar panel